Mendix Studio Pro Version 8.16.0 cannot be built in the cloud

Hi everyone,   I just tried to deploy a app to a licensed cloud node but It seems like the version 8.16 is no longer supported. I tried to deploy it from the desktop client and to build deployment package from cloud, both failed. The error message is nevertheless a bit confusing: “The selected revision was created with Mendix Studio pro version 8.16.0, which cannot be built in the cloud. Please use that Mendix Studio Pro version to create the deployment package” (even though I´m using that version) Does anybody know if 8.16 lost support today? since yesterday it was still working fine… Thanks,   Jason
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You could always create your deployment package locally and upload that one. And you might want to create a support ticket for your case. Might be something wrong currently with the creation of deployment packages in the cloud.