Implications for migrate to a private cloud

Hi Experts, If we want to migrate our mendix app to a private cloud on aws, what are the implications? Can I have my own PostgreSQL on AWS and my app pointing to that? Do we need to purchase a new license from mendix, because we wouldn’t use the mendix private cloud(AWS) ? I guest we have to pay for the license app. Also in terms of administration, what we can lost?. Thanks in advance    
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Hello Vladimir,

In AWS I would use an RDS service to prevent spending much time on database management. You can point your App to that database. Goto your App settings → Configurations click <New>. 

I’m curious what is the reason to have the middleware in a private cloud and the data in a public cloud. In most architectures I have seen, the private cloud requirements are driven by the wish to have the data locally stored. 

If connectivity, consider the use of a reverse proxy and a load balancer for HA. 

You will need a license and the software from here:

Managed OS and Managed RDBMS costs are very much dependent on the SLA/Service window etcetera. I can share you some details in a mail.


HI Marco,

Yes if you can share with me could be great. my email:

The requirement its because the client want to have their database in their own private cloud in AWS account instead of mendix private cloud because less costs of storage.

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