XPath error when deployed on SAP BTP

Hello everybody, I have an app which was recently deployed using SAP BTP. However, when I test my app, it crashes as soon as it needs to retrieve data based on Xpath: 2021-06-28T13:11:04.568Z [APP/PROC/WEB] OUT InternalLimitedXPathTextGetRequest (depth = -1): //MyFirstModule.Product[Lijn='Lijn_23'] 2021-06-28T13:11:04.568Z [APP/PROC/WEB] OUT at com.mendix.connectionbus.RequestAnalyzer.doRequest(RequestAnalyzer.scala:31) 2021-06-28T13:11:04.568Z [APP/PROC/WEB] OUT Caused by: com.mendix.basis.connectionbus.ConnectionBusException: Exception occurred while retrieving data. (SQL State: HY000, Error Code: 264) 2021-06-28T13:11:04.568Z [APP/PROC/WEB] OUT at com.mendix.connectionbus.util.SqlExceptionUtils$.getDetailedException(SqlExceptionUtils.scala:25) 2021-06-28T13:11:04.568Z [APP/PROC/WEB] OUT Caused by: com.sap.db.jdbc.exceptions.JDBCDriverException: SAP DBTech JDBC: [264]: invalid datatype: "myfirstmodule$product.omschrijving" LOB type in ORDER BY clause: line 5 col 11 (at pos 159) Is this problem linked to certain SAP BTP database types? How can I solve this? The app works perfectly in studio pro, so I really think the issue is linked to the SAP environment. Thank you for your help! Kind regards, Edward
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Hi Edward,

which database are you using on BTP? SAP HANA?

What type is Product/Lijn ? Unlimited String?