Project has issues on cloud deployment

Hello! I have an application that’s running locally on my computer without any issue. I want it to be able to run it on the cloud, so that I can distribute it for an experiment I want to perform for my thesis.  When I select the Run on Cloud option in Studio Pro, it takes sometime but I don’t see any errors. When it’s ready and I press the View option, it opens on my browser and there is a Resuming App message. After a while this resulted in an 502 Bad Gateway error. Some time ago I was able to run it on the cloud without any issues. Could anyone suggest any solutions or ideas as to why this happens?? PS: via the logs we found that a persisting issue is a database update error (Executing start did not succeed: result: 3, message: The database has to be updated. (29 database change queries needed)), is there any way to solve this issue??
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