Cloud Environment HTTP Headers: Allow Credentials?

Is there a way to add the HTTP header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Credentials’ to the list of headers in a cloud environment’s network tab? Here’s my use case: - I have a CMS which makes calls to my Mendix PRS.  I am unable to configure my CMS to send its request without a cookie, which forces my REST service to not respond with a * ‘allow-origin’ and ‘allow-credentials’ must be true or else a CORS error is thrown.  I don’t have control over the CMS’s request, so it has no means of handling a response with a CORS error. - I’d like to use the PRS CORS settings, but the nginx server throws out all access-control headers when the response code is 400-level.  It’s only HTTP headers that are listed in the network tab that always get sent.  It’s a shame there is no ‘allow-credentials’ option.
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