Sandbox deployment doesnt work..

Hi all, Today we wanted to deploy an app built in Mendix 9.4.0 to a sandbox environment. Every time it says it is deployed, but once we check it it continuously gives the message most will know as the wake up call for a sandbox app, see below. So, it seems the sandbox deployment isn’t working at the moment.   Did anybody else experience this?   Resuming app  . . . This is a Free App. Because it hasn't been used for a while, it went to sleep. Please wait a few seconds while we wake it up.    
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Yes I did that. Already had contact with support and it seems there is an undocumented bug when deploying an app to a sandbox environment in Mendix 9.4.0 and below if a data snapshot is included. I deleted the snapshot and now it is working fine.


Hey Ivo,

Did you check the logs of the environment? Usually you will see what is going wrong with starting up the environment, because that seems to be the case here. Could you post a screenshot of the logs events?


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