New branch after local changes

I started to make some changes in our usual working branch. But the amount of changes got bigger than I thought when I started so I want the changes in a separate branch instead of committing in the current branch. I haven’t committed yet so all changes are local. But how to create the new branch with the local changes without committing to the current branch?
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Hi Diederik,

Depending on your Mendix version, you can perhaps commit your changes, branch out and then revert the commit on the original commit.

Hope it helps!


Your changes are currently stored in you local .mpr file. A Mendix app’s version is stored in the .svn directory. When checking out a branch,  svn-administration gets updated and your code gets updated by changing your .mpr file. So do this and your local changes will end up in the new branch:

  1. Copy your projects’ .mpr file (or your apps entire directory if you feel safer) to a second location.
  2. Create a branch and check that branch out. Then close the project
  3. Copy your original .mpr back to your apps directory. And open your project again.
  4. Commit the branch and the changes




I don’t think this is possible, branch line can be created by choosing the revision number from the commits to  Team server repository