On Premise Deployment physical path

Hello I need to deploy Mendix application on on-premise server. I am following the documentation : https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/deploy/deploy-mendix-on-microsoft-windows. I can run the app locally on port 8080 but I am unable to run the app using IIS ( domain name on port 443). I am unsure of the physical path with needs to be inserted in the IIS website. Currently the path it is pointed to contains : deployment , javasource , releases , resources , theme ,userlib etc..  Can you please let me know the right path? Or is there any other way to deploy on server? IIS 10 Mendix 9.5.0 SQL 2019 Windows server 2019 Thank you very much!
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It is in the manual:


5.2 Creating a Website

In the Physical path field, enter the physical path of your application-project-web folder (for example, D:\Mendix\Apps\Application\Project\Web).