Creating backups through the backup v2 API for mendix 7

Hello everyone, I've been trying to setup a postman suite for releasing apps in a more automated way, but I can't seem to get the v2 backup API working for mendix 7 apps. The following happens: When using the v2 backup service on a mendix 8 app I get the projectID + envID to form the request, it then makes the request for making a backup and it works with a code 200. However, when I use that same request on an application on mendix 7 it will correctly give me the projectID and envID but then return a 404 not found indicating that the environment doens't exist. My question in this case is: Does the backup v2 even support mendix 7? They are all applications on cloud node v4, but only backup v1 works for the mendix 7 apps
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Hi Tom,

the v2 is developed specifically for the Mendix V4 Cloud environment. I checked it and you're right, when using the V3 in combination with the Mx7.xx modeler version it doesn't work.

I suggest submitting a ticket with Mendix Support.