unexpected /SSO/ redirect

Hi community, I implemented SAML and SSO for my app in the ACCP environment. It works fine and we can log in the app with the SSO. For this I created a new branch and deployed to ACC environment. However, for some reasons, we want to return to old login way (without the sso). So, I deployed an old reversion of the app (which is now running on the PRD) to the ACC, I expected to get nothing about sso anymore, as this revision was built before SSO implementation. But when I click on the ACCP URL, it redirects me to  ...{applicationurl}/SS0/, and then I get message: ‘404 not found’ Any idea what is going wrong here. How can I get the old login way without SSO? Kind regards
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Can you check your index.html, do you still have the following line present?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" />

If you do, you will need to remove it.

It is also worth clearing all the caches in your browser, just incase an old version is in there and is being served instead.