Unable to run the Mendix app deployed to the Mendix cloud

Experts,       We have a mendix app that uses the Mindsphere Resource package (Single SignOn, Os Bar connector, UI Resource). I am able to run the app locally and from Mindsphere launchpad as well. However, after I published the app to the Mendix cloud, I am unable to run it. It throws an error saying “You are not authorized to access this application. Please contact a tenant admin who can give you access”. My security settings are set to “Production” with “Check Security” option set to “Yes”. Would that cause an issue? We don’t want to turn off the security.         I guess couple of folks have posted a similar question in the past, but I have seen options like turning of security totally or enabling anonymous users thing helped them to some extent.     Any insight on how to overcome the above mentioned issue, will be of great help.  
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I'm not too familiar with the Mindsphere cloud so I'm not too sure whether my assumptions are correct but it sounds like the Mindsphere Single SignOn package uses some configuration specific to Cloud Foundry in the Mindsphere cloud. This will not be present in the Mendix cloud. This would explain why turning off security or allowing anonymous users works. 

Alternatively you could port the authentication to MendixSSO for deployment in the Mendix cloud or just use the default login procedure by removing the Mindsphere SSO and reverting to the default login page.

Hope this helps.