Installing certificate for REST service on Mendix On Premise Server (not cloud)

Hey all, We are setting up a On Premise Mendix server on a Microsoft Windows Server. It's running and working, but we get an error when we try to do a REST call to a service in the organization. For our Studio Pro environments, we got a certificate file that fixed this. And for Mendix cloud I can find documentation on how to upload a certificate like this. But I can't find how to do this for an on premise server like this. It's a .pem file and we get the attached error. We are running a Mendix 9.6 server. Anyone got a tip on how to add this certificate to the server? Regards, Louis
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You need to add a custom runtime setting. On Windows, that’s done in the Service Console by clicking:

Configuration → Advanced

In there, add the runtime setting ‘CACertificates’ with the value as “A comma-separated list of paths to CA certificates.”

So that might look like:

CACertificates        C:\Mendix\Cert1.pem,C:\Mendix\Cert2.pem