how devops will be impacted while deploying from team server

Generally we deploy apps from private git.  Need to know how devops will be impacted while deploying app from mendix team server. Any help wil be appreciated.   Thanks, Karthi
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I don't think there will be any difference in the impact. Mendix team server is also a SVN, which holds all history and changes. Same as a private GIT? 

I think it might get easier, since the team-server is fully incorporated in Mendix studio. 


Mendix is moving to git as well for their own teamserver versioning.

While it is also possible to use your own on-premise Git repository: 


Common practice is to have a separated Development branch line for ongoing development and a maintenance branch line. Which are merged to the mainline at the end of each dev. sprint. Note that the best approach is to have a single development branch line, which is used by ALL developers. instead of having a separated development branch per developer, which is more common in code development.