Mendix Licensing query

Dear Team, I have query regarding Licensing a Mendix application. I know that Mendix will provide 3 licenses; one for dev, uat and prod.  Initially, I just want the Dev License details because the production server would only be set up later. Query: Can I use one Mendix login ID for upto three times to get License details for Prod, UAT and Dev separately? Or is it a must that all three license details have to be obtained at the same time? Please confirm.  Thank you for your guidance. Awaiting your response at the earliest.
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Hi Roshan,

The licensing goes entirely through Mendix Support. What I would do if I were you is contact them. Then you will get the correct answer in a relatively fast way.

Here are the contact details:

By the way, you do not need a license for the development environment. You are free to develop the application on your laptop with a dev environment that is on your laptop (by default with Mendix). You only need a license from Mendix if you want to deploy your application to Test, Acceptance or Production.