Mendix Cloud Deployment Error: Uploading file failed: Unable to execute HTTP request:

Hello ,             I have successfully deployed my application into kubernetes , i have set my storage service as s3 in statefulset in kubernetes yaml file . Below is my configuration details .  - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_core_StorageService value: "" - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_storage_s3_AccessKeyId value: "XXXXXXXXXXXX" - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_storage_s3_SecretAccessKey value: "XXXXXXXXXXXX" - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_storage_s3_BucketName value: "rapidhrsg" - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_storage_s3_PerformDeleteFromStorage value: "true" - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_storage_s3_Region value: "ap-souteast-1" After the application is deployed in the pod. when the application is accessed from cloud (I working on an application which also needs to store photos attached to a specific entity) and when i try to upload an image , i get the following error .  Uploading file failed: Unable to execute HTTP request: Note : My S3 is set as public        Thank you and regards 
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Looks like you misspelled south as sout. Even the link in your error doesn’t work, but it does when you add the ‘h’.


Did you specify the endpoint variable? 



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