Mendix On-premises Deployment

Hello,            I am trying to deploy my mendix application, on-premises. initially i completed the deployment following this document for a single server setup(using Application-server).  Now I’ve been provided with another server(virtual machine) to act as a web server. what method should i follow to integrate the two server Application-server and Web-server.  As per this document – ,  The Architecture i need to follow is specified in sub heading 2.3 Separate Database Server and a Separate Web Server.  I have run my application through mendix-service-console in my architecture-server and have installed proxy IIS server in web-server, how can i integrate these two. what all should be installed in the web-server so as to run the application in this set-up. Thanks & Regards.
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Your web server should have both the Mendix service console and IIS. The service console executes the Mendix runtime itself, which responds to web requests for dynamic data. IIS acts as a reverse proxy on top of the Mendix runtime, serving static files and also optionally adding HTTPS support.

The other server in your architecture could house the database engine, like Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL.