expose APIs in SwaggerUI of two applications

Hi all, I have expose REST APIs in two applications. Also I have a public domain name, like ‘test.cc’, and I want to access SwaggerUI for public network. So I mount my internal app1 to ‘test.cc/app1’, and also app2 to ‘test.cc/app2’.  When I try to access SwaggerUI of app1 from ‘test.com/app1/rest-doc, and open the service, I get some errors about 404 resource not found. I found the resource is mounted on the root of test.cc/rest-doc. So my question is, I will need to mount test.cc/rest-doc to app1, like below: location /rest-doc/ { proxy_pass http://app1/rest-doc/; } but what about app2? Now I can only change the proxy to ‘http://app2/rest-doc/’ to access the APIs of app2   Any suggestion is appreciating~ thanks.
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