Getting email templates copied to the other environments, can this be done?

Hi, In an app I have created multiple email templates (using the EmailTemplate module). But I want those templates now also become available in the ACCEPTANCE environment of this app. I did create it now manually again in the ACCEPTANCE environment, but can this also be done by default? Or with a kind of export / import functionality? Because moving it now to PRODUCTION, then again I have to created all email templates again manually??  
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Hi Barry,

You can implement a microflow in which you ‘build’ your emailtemplate with the contents and needed tokens. This might seem a bit of a hassle upfront but in the end is always useful in resetting or starting a (new) environment.

You will also need to check/update the Modelreflection in the process so your flow would look something like this:

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There are many ways to achieve this, but my preferred method is to export relevant entities into a .json format, then importing them in another environment. Using a microflow, you can retrieve the email templates from the database and export them into json format using an export mapping.

You can then create a page with an input field where you can paste the json, and import using an import mapping and committing the imported objects.


Thanks, I do now know how to approach this. There is no simple copy mechanism out-of-the-box available.