Can I use Account Overview for Web users?

Hello everyone, I have created an app via Mendix via Studio Pro 9.8.1. For my user management I want to use the default website from Mendix Account_Overview.  Right now I am having 3 user roles. One fpr the admin, on for a employee and one for a user. Only the admin has the right to create new user roles. Locally it works perfectly. But later I want to do the app in the cloud so that user from other computers can have access to it. So my question ist, can I also do my user management for them via Account_Overview or won’t that work? I am not shure about that, because on the default site, there is standing this text and I don’t really understand what it means. “These are the Mendix AppCloud users that have signed in to your app at least once. Please note that only 'Local' users should be managed in this app. Mendix Appcloud users are provisioned by the AppCloudServices module and should be managed from the central user management screen (Launchpad > App Details > Manage App Users).”   Importantfor me is, that the admin is the only one who can create new user roles.    I am looking forward for you answers. Best regards Karoline     
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Hi Karoline,

Yes you can use the account overview page to manage the users of the application.

The message that you see regarding Mendix AppCloud users is if you’re using Mendix credentials for your application. Mostly people do not tie the application level users with their Mendix login. I assume you need additional modules and configuration to make this work, but I believe that is not what you intend to do.

So, just using the account overview will work.

Hope this helps! 


Hello Radhika, 


thank you very much for that quick and clear answer. No, I don’t want to use Mendix credentials. 

Now I understand what that means. I just was very confused. Thank you so much! :)


Best regards