Cannot access swagger after upgrading from MX9.4.0 to MX9.10.1

I upgraded my application from MX9.4.0 to MX9.10.1. UI seems to be working all right. However, when I try to access swagger documentation I am getting “403 Forbidden” page. The live log shows    2022/02/10 14:24:00 [error] 250#0: *5 access forbidden by rule, client: 2603:6080:c223:f200:8951:d884:5559:199d, server: _, request: "GET /rest-doc/rest/xxx/v1 HTTP/1.1", host: ""   Where should I look for surprises?
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Navigate to Environment > Details > Network > Path Based Access Restrictions, locate rest-doc and flip access to ‘Allow all access’. It looks like rest-doc path does not exist in 9.4.0 but is present in 9.10.1