Deployment packages (.DMA files)

Is it possible to open deployment packages (.mda files) in studio pro?    Is there another way to access previous commited version in the studio pro? 
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Yes, there is. You can open any commit in Mendix Studio Pro by creating a branch of the commit you need to see.

Open your project in Mendix Studio Pro, go to ‘Version control’ => ‘Manage branch lines’; click ‘New’. At ‘Source’ leave ‘Main line’ selected and in the ‘Revision’ drop-down select the commit of your interest. Give it a branch name and confirm the ‘Download and open the new branch’-question.

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Hi Marcian,

I don’t really know if that can be done via mda files. But you could look at the details of the mda file specifically the model version field. It has details about the revision that was build. You can find the details about this revision from your team server on the developer portal with respect to the branch used.

You may have to create a new branch to download that specific version (in case more commits have been made after that revision).

Hope this helps!