Quick Billing Question

Hi All, We’re just about to upgrade our first app to the Basic package, and I was wondering what the process is like for adding additional users. We’re using Mendix SSO for authentication, and to begin with we only need 5 users, however I’m sure in the next few months we’ll have new people coming on board. Is it relatively straightforward to add users to the app after the basic package has been paid for? And how does adding a user mid contract affect billing? Is there a discounted rate if there are 10 months of the billing year left for example? Thanks!
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Adding users is straightforward – typically, the users will be added and billed until the end of the current license term.  So if you add users 3 months into a year long license, you will be billed for 9 months for those users.  Then when your license renews, you will be billed a full year for all current users.  

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