Building Docker Image Locally

Hi all, I have an application built in version 9.6.9. It’s the first time I’m attempting to build a docker image locally and I’m struggling to do so as described in this documentation: My issue comes in with the execution of the build command (section 3.7 of the documentation): docker build --build-arg BUILD_PATH="{relative-mendix-project-location}" -t {image name} . So I understand that the “{relative-mendix-project-location}” is the location of the .mpr-file inside the project folder that was copied into the unzipped Docker build pack. My issue comes in with the final part of this command – the “-t {image name} .”. I receive the following error: invalid argument "{image" for "-t, --tag" flag: invalid reference format So my question is whether I should also amend this part of the command and whether the lone full stop at the end of the command is correct. Thanks in advance!
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Assuming your in the directory with Dockerfile. Try this example command:

docker build --build-arg BUILD_PATH="directory/with/mpr/file" -t myapp:latest .