Merge changes from Branch development line to Main development Line

Hi everyone, We have two development lines for our Mendix app. Main line and a branch development line named ‘maintenance’.  Once the changes are done the app is deployed to the Test environment > Acceptance environment and finally to the Production environment. Typically we would make all our changes to maintenance line, then merge/move changes to the main line. Then proceed to deploy the project to the environments listed above. But we are at a point where the app has changes made directly to the main development line and is deployed only to the Test environment (not further); and these changes aren’t in the maintenance development line. These changes made directly to the main development line are not needed anymore.    The question is: 1: How to overwrite the main development line from the maintenance development line? 2: How to overwrite the deployed app that is on the test Environment?   Would appreciate any help,  Thanks.
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Hi Mursalin,

Looks as if the following steps could help you:

- on the mainline revert the revisions that were made that are not necessary asnymore, Main Line will then become “clean” again

- restoring a backup on the test environment from before the changes can be usefull, that depends on the changes made in the mainline: for example if there are no domain model changes or only new entities or attributes in the main line changes a restore may not be necessary, if entities or attributes were removed then a restore would be preferable to get removed data back. Another example could be data changes made by the software to be reverted. So it depends on the kind of changes made.

- then merge the changes from maintenance to the main line and simply deploy again on the test environment. Previous changes will be overwritten (happens with each deploy)

Kind regards