Provisioning Failed- Deploy Mendix App in SAP Cloud

Hi everyone, I was trying to create a SAP environment to deploy Mendix App in SAP Cloud. But I am unable to create it, it simply says ‘’Provisioning Failed”.   I already have a SAP Cloud Foundry environment and hence the trial account created. However, when going through the Environment creation wizard, there’s a mandatory field labelled ‘Subscription Secret’ which I do not have, but since Mendix docs says I simply entered a random String and went further, but this ain’t helping either. The docs I went through to create the environment are: Mendix Docs:   Also, do I need to have a Mendix Production License to proceed successfully and also if there are any workarounds for the issue?   Thanks
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Hi Ravi,


when you go to the Environment details you can see more information on why the provisioning failed. Often this has to do with services in your BTP not being available. during provisioning, Mendix tries to bind these services automatically, when they are not there, provisioning will fail.


good luck!