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Hello, I need to implement back button functionality in tab containers, Suppose , I am in open approvals tab, in that I am in high and in high i am in upcoming, when I open any file in upcoming’s tab and if I press back button it should take me to that particular tab only. I have tried it using tab index but that is not working fine in this case.   
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Hi Saryu

We faced the same issue in some projects and unfortunately, the only workaround we found is to have multiple pages with different default tabs, and whenever we want to redirect a user to a specific tab we direct him to the page where that tab is the default tab (you can put the contents of the tabs in snippets to avoid redoing the work)


There is a possible solution here, and that is to create an identical page for each option (using a lot of snippets to prevent duplication of code). Add styling to to highlight the open tab. In fact, likewise, you probably do not even need to use actual tabs, but just buttons and containers. Now the history button will work ;-)

In your case, this means you will have 36 pages (3x3x4), so make sure to use snippets for all of the ui elements in the actual tabs. 

We once implemented this for one of our clients; it worked really nicely, but that was only for 10 different tabs/pages. I think in this case, I'd talk to the PO to discuss if this really is MVP. Working with Mendix means accepting some standard functionality; if you don't, it can lead to not achieving optimal velocity. This seems to be the case here ;-)

Hope this helps. If it does, please mark as correct.

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