Mendix Web App Deployment on Windows Server 2016 IIS | Stuck on Default Mendix Login Page | Mendix Deployment on IIS Server Issue

Hi All, I am trying to deploy a Mendix web application on a server running Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard, but I see a login page that is unrelated to my application when using IIS server to deploy. I believe this ‘login.html’ page is generated by default during the Mendix deployment process. Due to this issue, I cannot access the pages of my application when deploying through MS IIS server. I can deploy my application on the localhost of this target server using the Mendix Service Console and the Mendix Deployment Archive (MDA) of my project. However, deploying the application through the MS IIS server shows a login page (please see image below) that is generated during the deployment process. The login page that I see is the ‘login.html’ page inside the application-project-web-folder. In section 5.2 Creating a website step 5 of this documentation, it states “enter the physical path of your application-project-web-folder (for example, D:\Mendix\Apps\Application\Project\Web”) which is what I did in IIS. I tried to log in using the credentials I configured for my application, but those credentials do not work on this login page, and I get a “Server not found” error (please see images below). What can I change in IIS so that going to the address for this site I configured in IIS will show my application login page instead of this default Mendix login page? Is this a Mendix related issue or an IIS related issue? I believe there is some issue with deploying Mendix through IIS because my application works as expected when deployed on localhost of the same server through Mendix Service Console but facing this issue when deployed through IIS server.  My application has been developed using Studio Pro version 9.10.1 I am using Mendix Service Console 4.6.1 Login page that I see: “Server not found” error: IIS Configurations: Web.config MIME types: Mendix Service Console Log: IIS Version:   Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Best regards, Akshay
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