Mobile/Web apps. Best pracices

Our company got into Mendix just before the Hybrid App projects in mendix became deprecated. At one point we were starting to build Hybrid apps to create a web app, and then we used Adobe Phone Gap to create a native iOS application.   Now that this method is gone, we want to continue building web apps, but to also have a native iOS/Android version of the same app as well, with a relatively similar interface (the same fields would be hidden on the app that would be hidden for a phone/responsive web layout).    Is the best way to maintain this to start off creating a web app, and then get it how you want.. and then create the native app and import the modules from the web app, making changes as needed?   I want to make sure I get off on the right foot on this so I don’t go down the wrong path and then it becomes a huge problem to change our processes later down the road.
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Mendix is perfectly suitable to build on based on your previous hybrid app. Just add the native profile to the App → Navigation and start re-creating your Hybrid page as native pages.
To style your native apps:

Biggest difference is the styling of native pages is the using javascript. Takes some getting used to.

When you have recreated the pages that you need, remove the Hybrid profile.

If you later decide to add a PWA -profile, you can do so too. Mendix’ domain models and flows, rules, interfaces etcetera are indifferent of the profile. One of Mendix’ big plusses.