Deployment and integration API using database connection with postgresql?

I am having a problem. I have built an application that acts as the Backend. The database used is Postgres SQl which is connected to Mendix via JDBC. I have used DatabaseConnector module to query data from DB. When I run it locally the API I created is queryable, but when I publish it it gives me a 500  error even though I tried using different jdbc connection strings same picture below:    any ideas or answers are helpful. Please help me. Thanks!
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If I understand correctly you are using the database connector to try to connect to the Mendix postgres database in the cloud. That is not allowed by Mendix and hence the 500 error. This connector is only for retrieving data from some other database to the Mendix cloud. You can not use it to retrieve data from the Mendix cloud.
You should expose your data from the cloud through OData, REST calls or the Datahub.