How to not limit the number of users log in the app

I have deployed my app in local Docker environment and when I log in multiple times, I can not log in again. In log in page, the error message shows that: The current license does not allow more users to sign in, and the HTTP error code is 402. So what makes me concern is that is there any limit on the numbers of users log in the app? If it exists how to remove this restriction? I find that there are related descriptions in the official documentation, but i want to confirm it again. I would be very grateful if any experts could help me with this issue. Thanks a lot          
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Hi Rujin Shi,

For unlicensed applications, only 6 concurrent users are allowed.  You need to get licence key from Mendix Support, and during the Docker Run, the license key should be included.

Sample : 

docker run -it \
  -p 8080:80 \
  -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=Password1! \
  -e DATABASE_ENDPOINT=postgres://mendix:mendix@ \