Localfile System Storage for On-premises Deployment

Hi Team,                 I am Hosting my Mendix application from an On-prem Ubuntu Machine. There is an issue with Filesystem storage.  I Have previously used S3 (com.mendix.core.StorageService) as my file storage location, But now my requirement is to store it in local. I have been using kubernetes as my Deployment tool with Docker image.   From what I research I could use (com.mendix.storage.localfilesystem) for local file storage. Below have pasted my yaml file for kubernetes “Stateful-set” ,used for my local storage of file system data’s.   Containers: volumeMounts: - mountPath: "/build/data/files" name: mendix-data env: - name: MXRUNTIME_com_mendix_core_StorageService value: "com.mendix.storage.localfilesystem" volumes: - hostPath: path: "/home/docker/mendix-files" name: mendix-data Question: Should I be adding any more key: “value” for setting up my local as my file storage location? What all values should I be Including.   Thanks in Advance..    
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