Cannot commit

Dear experts, I am checked out into a branch on a project that I am working on. This branch is created off of main. When I go to commit, I get an error saying “directory {directory} was added, but already contains version control information. Make sure you use SVN export to copy directories into your app directory. For now you can move the directory somewhere else and use SVN export to copy it into the app directory. See the Version Control Scenarios documentation page for more information on file management.” I have tried following the steps listed, but can not get it to work. Any help would be apprecaited.
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Well I had the same thing once.. All I did was too simple to be true..

- Export the changes you made to your local folder

- Delete your Project locally

- Get the app from the teamserver (with the requested branch)

- Import document (your exported changes)

And for me (I really hope it helps for you as well) it worked….