Deployment to production environment

Hi All, Question regarding the deployment. I have pushed my application to the production environment and now doing some improvements. production has the build(revision no:100) and test environment have (revision: 500). now I need to fix an issue in the production environment, so how can deploy only that fix to production and not all the changes I have in the test environment.   Thank you.
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Hi Kiran,


As a best practice, we need to have 2 different branch lines one for production and one test/acceptance  environment. So if you do any fix in test environment. You can merge that fix commit alone in production branch line. Once merged you can deploy production branch line to production environment.


if you are also having 2 different branch lines, then merge fix commit from test branch line to production branch line and then deploy.


if you are not having separate branch line, then you need to create production branch line first.


To create production branch line,


  1. Find the deployed build revision in production environment
  2. Create new branch line based on this revision number.
  3. Once branch line created, merge the production issue fix commit in new branchline (Production branchline) 
  4. Then deploy in production.