Hosting Mendix Application on webserver(Apache/Nginx) after Linux deployment

Hi Experts,   We have deployed our Mendix application on Linux server and the application is up  and running with the URL(Say) : http://servername:8080/index.html.   Now, we need to host the application on webserver(Apache) which is already installed on the same server. I know, this is technically possible but I don’t find any document/reference/steps on how to host.   Please help to share some refence on how to Host the Mendix Applications on Apache Or Nginx.   Thanks in Advance.   Regards, Dhandapani    
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The experts may have a better way, however there is an Apache option that would work.

 You can use ProxyPass to set up a reverse proxy from either a sub-directory or a sub-domain. Here is the web page on this: mod_proxy - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4. See Basic Examples.

I have used this option on a server with several virtual-sites installed and it worked a treat!

I do have to warn you – MAKE SURE your web server is properly SECURED. Here are some security tips: Security Tips - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4. You can find plenty of other suggestion searching for “secure apache”