Cant deploy to Mendix cloud

I have got an app which was functioning fine until today. Now it runs OK locally, but won’t deploy to the cloud anymore. The only real change I have made is upgrading to 9.16.0 from 9.15.1 The log shows: 17:28:58SYSINFOUploading droplet, build artifacts cache... 17:28:58SYSINFOUploading droplet... 17:28:58SYSINFOUploading build artifacts cache... 17:29:01SYSINFOCreating droplet for app with guid 2ab85264-2749-4a3e-ada9-6aee822a8d13 17:29:03SYSINFOFailed to upload payload for build artifacts cache 17:29:11SYSINFOUploaded droplet (357.1M) 17:29:11SYSINFOUploading failed 17:29:11SYSINFOFailed to stage build: staging failed 17:29:11SYSINFOCell 586697c3-65c5-4524-a626-c3afb5e28f24 stopping instance db384cbc-8919-46b7-ab20-14b3617a0d28 17:29:11SYSINFOCell 586697c3-65c5-4524-a626-c3afb5e28f24 destroying container for instance db384cbc-8919-46b7-ab20-14b3617a0d28 17:29:13SYSINFOCell 586697c3-65c5-4524-a626-c3afb5e28f24 successfully destroyed container for instance db384cbc-8919-46b7-ab20-14b3617a0d28 What could be causing this and how would I fix it? 
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Yes these sort of problems usually resolve themselves in time. However this persisted for hours yesterday and I was in the middle of something. So I simply imported the app package into a new app and got back up running. I’ll delete the orginal app