How to implement OTP generation?

I want to implement OTP generation in my app, where  it allows users to register/sign up by entering their details such as phone number, email address etc. After clicking on the register button the should receive an OTP to his entered mobile number when he was registering. The received OTP should be authenticated. for this as per previous forum answers i have downloaded 2 factor authentication module from marketplace, but i dont know how to use it. can anyone help me with step by step process or can anyone show me microflow?
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Hi Zia,

I’ve achieved this requirement by using Twilio Module.
Marketplace Link: 

Step1: Configuration 

  1. First you need a Twilio developer account. get signup for a account. 
  2. create the the trial account
  3. Get the mobile number


Step 2: Connect and Configure the overview page, named “Credential_Overview” in twilio module. 

Step 3. Creating sms parameter object and OTP generation, connecting the microflow from Twilio module named “Send SMS” 


Step 4: Authentication Page

Step 5: Validation


Thanks & Regards
Dinesh Gunasekaran.


Hey Greshma George,


if you want to implement OTP, You can use the other version of the Twilio module: