Open old deployment package in Studio Pro

Hello, everyone, I want to compare two deployment packages in Studiuo Pro to check changes in MF and Domain Model. The following scenario: When I open my Studio Pro I have the latest version (1.06) in Studio Pro. Version 1.06 is running in Acceptance (like my current locally version in Studio Pro) in Production runs 1.03. How can I make the 1.03 available as an mpk to open in a second instance in Studio Pro? I found the version in the developer portal > Deploy/Environment, but was only able to create an .mda. However, I can't open it with SP.   How do I get the .mpk?   Tank you
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Hi Marc


I am not sure how to change the file format, But if you go to studio pro and open you branch manager under the project tab. You can select to create a new branch from your main line and then choose the revision that is applicable to your older version


So then you will create a new branch from your old version by choosing the applicable revision number.