Users blocked indefinitely

Mendix should unblock users every five minutes, but it doesn’t in our app. Users stay blocked indefinitely, even MxAdmin. What would be a cause of this? No messages in the log. No custom runtime settings for e.g. ClusterManagerActionInterval. App built with 9.12.2 running on Mendix Cloud v4.
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Hi Martin,


Recently (I'm not sure at which version exactly) Mendix has changed the unblock behavior. Now, the user will be unblocked exactly 5 minutes after it has been blocked. Previously, this was being done for all users at the same time.


We noticed the behavior you described in cases where we were using custom login logic such as SSO. The default Mendix logic will now set de 'BlockedSince' date time as soon as the user has been blocked. If this value is empty, the user will never be released.


By updating the custom code, this can be fixed. From what I know, updating the custom login module from the Marketplace (if you are using one) will help as well.


Hopefully this helps. If there any additional questions or thoughts, please let us know.



For situations were a user is blocked by a user action by only setting Blocked to true, it would have been nice if Mendix, for those blocked users, would have set the empty BlockedSince attribute (introduced in Mx 9.11?) in the unblock event to e.g. CurrentDateTime.

The next unblock event (5 minutes later?) would then unblock the user and it won't cause Users stay blocked indefinitely.