Make it native 9 download speed issue

Hello :)   I'm using Mendix studio pro 9.19.0 and Make it Native 9 to test native mobile apps. I used "run locally" to test my app. Normally it runs fast with Make it Native 9, but sometimes downloading files from local server is very slow. (>20 minutes or more) To solve this, I turned off the firewall and reset the wifi network, but to no avail. So, taking a closer look at the app, the response of the local server was fine. This is because, after bundling, when the local server deliberately caused an error during the slow download process, it responded immediately. My app didn't even go through the SVN cloud, it was a pure local app. Even when I run the Blank Native Mobile App example still the same problem. The development environment uses Parallels on the MacBook Pro 16-inch model and is being tested with the iPhone 8+ model. I tested it with an iPad in the same situation, but it was the same. Do you have any solution for this? I'm using the free version, so is it a price issue?
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