Mendix Multi-tenancy Support

Hi All, We have a Mendix desktop application and we would like to move to Saas and make it multi- tenant application. How can we  define multi tenancy of our application in this case? What are the steps to do so?  Is there a best practice?  Can we have a separate database for each tenant? Is it possible for the Mendix  Administration module for multitenancy to communicate with Kubernetes? if yes how to configure it.   All your inputs are valuable to us.   Thanks in advance 
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There is no simple solution to add multiple databases with one application.


You can have a look into this Mendix module:


The easiest custom implementation of multi-tenancy is to distinguish data objects by a certain attribute.

For example, add a long/integer attribute TenantId.


It is however tedious to implement this at every entity itself.

What we have done to fix this is creating one master entity with the TenantId and the access rules for that and inherited this master entity in every other


Thus, you have 2 or more objects as follows



 – TenantId (long/integer)


Customer (generalization of MultiTenantObject)