Validate or compare two images are same or not

Hi reader, I have developed an application in which I am using signature widget and saving the signature in to a entity. Now, I want to compare or validate the saved signature with another signature  Please give your valuable suggestion how can I compare two images in mendix Thanks and Regards Amrendra Raj       
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Not sure if this is what you are looking for. 


You can always get the last signature of the client and show it next to the new signature in a page or pop-up, so you can compare it with the naked eye and accept it.


Because there are 2 different signatures it is not possible to compare the Base64 string


Maybe you can try an Image Similarity API (Image Similarity API | DeepAI). or (GitHub - htmlcsstoimage/image-compare-api: Simple API for comparing images)


Just some thoughts :)




comparing two pictures of different recordings of a signature is beyond the standard capabilities of Mendix.

I recommend to check if there are any existing services for this kind of task that offer a proper REST or webservice interface. Then you could just integrate with that service.

I haven’t heard of such a service yet though – it sounds like quite some complex image processing problem.

regards, Fabian