Running Multiple Instances of the Same Project in the same Docker Environment

Hi, I'm trying to do as the title suggests. So, same Mendix Project, runs in two containers that can be accessed through localhost:8080 & localhost:8081 for example. I used and followed the guide of using the mendix docker buildpack. For this purpose, what I did was (1) specifying the $PORT variable in the Dockerfile to receive a value from the docker build command so then I can specify the different ports, and then (2) docker build twice to have two images with different ports. Building the images was a success, of course, but when I docker run the second image, it says this "Admin port '8082' is already in use", see below.     Is there a way to change this admin port from outside the project, as in, from either the Dockerfile or from the build-args parameter or anything?
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Hi Danniar,


You can set the Admin Port using Mendix Studio Pro. See documentation:


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