Large mda deployment file over 140 mb

Can anyone please advice, my deployment file is becomming very large (over 140 mb).   Is this a normal size or something to worry about  and something to take action on?   What I have done so far: - cleaned deploment directory - removed not used widgets - used “clean deployment.bat”   I opened my mda file with 7zip:   - model dir is 120 mb > within model dir: lib/userlib dir is 78 mb   - web dir is 75mb > Within web dir: widgets dir is 30mb > Within web dir: pages dir 13 mb    
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Clean deployment directory does not help, because build MDA is done without that.


Remove not used widgets is fine, when they are really big, but it keeps your project clean.


Check the userlib for evicted versions. I lot has been written about that for example


Further options:


Edit / Find Advanced / Unused items. But be careful, sometimes these are actually used in for example java-actions. So first exclude them, let the app run for a couple of weeks/months and then remove the excluded items. If you use the latest version of community commons, the ‘used by’ works for microflows, older one they are in the parameters as ‘MyModule.MyMicroflow’


Remove not used modules.


140 Mb is not evil, but smaller will deploy faster and keeping the project clean and tidy will reduce the chance on errors.


Thank you Chris and Eline for the tips!!  Indeed I assumed that I needed to clean my project bit by bit, Remove not used parts etc.  So gonna do that….


Hi Leon,

I don’t think this is a problematic size for an mda. That very much depends on the project. There are some reasons that can cause larger models:

  • many userlibs – old versions should be cleaned but some modules are just known to come with a lot of userlibs. Community Commons has many libs you might not even need. Some modules that use encryption depend on the BC libs which are not that small either.
  • multiple languages – each page appears in each language in the model
  • resources folder – this is a typical misuse of project folder structure. The resources folder is sometimes used for putting documentation and other files but it is actually meant for data files that are required by the app at runtime (e.g. the SAML pages). Move files that don’t belong there somewhere else.

regards, Fabian