Getting sent to generic login page instead of home page after OIDC

We have setup OIDC for our app that includes setting up the user roles for the new account object.  When I run locally, it works totally fine, goes to our SSO provider, logs in there properly, returns back to our Mendix URL, and takes me to our home page with a URL of “/home”.  However, when we deployed to our production environment in the cloud, it does everything correctly again, but it takes me to the page shown below instead.   When I go in through the back door, I can confirm that it created the user properly, and it shows that I have a session for that user as well. (shown in pictures #2 and #3)   Any ideas? #1   #2   #3
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Hi Carter. Can you please share which version of Mendix SSO you are using? I reproduced the issue you described and an upgrade to v4.0.1 did the trick. Let me know.