DB is not synchronized.

Hi there!   【Question】 An error that occurred in the past source continues to occur in the environment where a package created from the modified source is deployed. (1) Create an App for deployment from the App for development (create a new App from the exported App Package). (2) In the development App, change the module name (A ➡ B) and export module B. (3) In the App for deployment, delete module A and import module B of ②. (4) When the deployment package is created from the deployment App, deployed to the server, and the B module is executed, the entity name of A, which should have disappeared, causes an error as "not a valid entity.    This error does not occur when running locally. So I think this is because the DB is not in sync. Could you please tell me how to synchronize DB?   Thanks! Iwata
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The synchronisation of the Mendix very advanced and can handle most cases, but you managed to find one which is not doable. Internally the tables have a guid (uniqure code) and that guid is also in the data. If you delete a module and import it, you get new a guid, but the name is the same. The data can not be updated.


Locally it worked probably because you started the model after deleting the module and before importing B. 


You can do that on the server with deploying after deleting module A, start the cloud, import the module and deploy.


BTW: your data will be lost. If you want to keep the data, modify the current module or give the name the new module another name and make conversion microflows.