Do someone help me out in finding the following error?/ Mendix for private cloud

C:\Users\Lakshman>kubectl logs -n my-namespace xy8uii2c-build time="2023-02-24T14:12:46Z" level=info msg="Start building app with registry type dockercfg" time="2023-02-24T14:12:46Z" level=info msg="Updating docker config with registry credentials" time="2023-02-24T14:12:46Z" level=info msg="Docker config has been updated with registry credentials" time="2023-02-24T14:12:48Z" level=info msg="Appending app layer to with base runtime image" time="2023-02-24T14:12:48Z" level=error msg="Failed to build mendix app, failed to append layer to base image pushing image parsing reference \"\": could not parse reference:"
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Pull or push url should not contain tags, it should  be ``, with registry name `` Url in the build pod should look like this: `<app_name>`