Deploying a Free Mendix App to an iFrame

I recently created a simple Mendix app that I deployed on the Free Mendix Cloud. However, when attempting to deploy it to an iFrame, I encountered an error message in the console that reads, "[Auth] The client is not authorized. Request failed with status code 419. Removing token and session."   I am unsure if Free Mendix Apps are allowed to be deployed with iFrame, as there is a setting for this on paid plans. Alternatively, the error message may be due to a completely different issue.   If anyone has experience with this error or any knowledge on the deployment of Free Mendix Apps to iFrames, I would greatly appreciate your input.   Thank you in advance!
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Mendix apps are prevented from running in an iFrame by default (  In paid apps, you have the ability to add an http header to change this.  However, free apps don’t provide access to this setting, so free apps can’t run in an iFrame.

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