Setting is reset on cloud

Hi Exceprt, I have a sample question about OIDC, Deeplink etc. The setting has done on my local project and work well, but I can’t see the setting when app releases to cloud. Should I need to setup again on cloud? Or any way can copy my local setting to cloud? Thank you so much :)
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Hi AC,

Your settings or configuration are saved in local database. So normally you would need to set it up everytime your Mendix runtime is connected to a different database, like in the cloud every environment.


What you might be able to do is create an export mapping for the config entities and export your local settings to a JSON structure.

You can then use this structure to import your configuration in every environment you want, for instance with an after-startup microflow with import mapping.


For now, this export/import functionality is not included in the named Marketplace modules I believe so you would need to implement this yourself.