Access is Denied (5)- Mendix Service Console- Mendix On-Premises Deployment

Hi All,   I am trying to do mendix On-Premises Deployment. I have followed the steps  from below mentioned page of  On-Premises Deployment on Windows Platform.   But while starting the service I am getting this error “ Access is Denied (5)” in mendix service console. To create the service i am using following : Mendix runtime: Mendix Service Console: 4.7.0 Database: SQL Server  
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Looks like your service doesnt have the rights to start on background.

When you install a Mendix app with the Windows Mendix Service Console it is installed as a service that will be started when the machine is started.

if for some reason you dont see this happening, then you can try below
1. Open Windows Start > Run
2. put services.msc and run it
3. switch to standard tab

4.find the service which is the name of your App that you configured in the mendix console


try starting the service here. If not find the option here to enable to start it as a Service on startup.

Good luck.

BTW: did you follow the steps told here?


Check the step mentioned in this screenshot. It has to be done in the services.msc section. Your windows server admin would understand these steps.