Date Function error

Hi ! I have attached the screen shot of the microflow    When running in local it is working fine and i am getting the correct result. But after deploying, I am getting an error in the microflow (formatDate() returns null). Can anyone please help !   Here is the error its showing,
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Why comparing strings as it is a date in the first place?

Are you sure the that all the holidays in the list have a valid date?




You probably have an error as there are data differences between your local environment and your deployed environment.

The HolidayDate column will have a null or empty value. Already in this case the backend microflow should be checked.

You can set a default db Date like '01/01/1900 00:00:000' and it will solve your problem.

If your situation is somehow unable to get currentobject in your deployed environment. I can suggest using "remote debugging" to better understand the error.


I hope this helps.


The formatDate failed because you got an empty value for HolidayDate.

My suggestion is, in the first block, filter out records that have HolidayDate = empty and it should work.